Area Rug Cleaning

Everyone knows that vacuuming your rug and cleaning up spills is vital to ensure your carpet stays nice a clean externally. Calling a professional to clean your rugs will not only clean up the outside of your rug, but it will clean deep inside the fibers of your rug where dust, dirt, and unhealthy particles build up and contaminate your area and your indoor air.

Did you know that 9 x 12 Oriental rug can hold up to 87 pounds of soil without looking dirty? This was demonstrated by a study done by the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company. So imagine how dirty that beautiful area rug of yours can get without your even noticing.

It is recommended you clean your rugs about once every year or two years depending on a few factors; how much foot traffic your rug takes, if there are smokers in the house, if you have small children, if you have pets, and how often it takes spills. Nonetheless, it is vital that you get your rug deep cleaned.

Our professional technicians will clean your rug and deodorize it to make it as fresh as new! If you’d like, we can also apply our Dupont Teflon Carpet Protector to drastically lower the risk that spills will stain your rug. Read more about it here.

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