Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is an incredibly tricky problem to deal with – when a  fire ignites, it will obviously cause serious damage to your property, and to take out the fire you will need to use water and sometimes harsh chemicals that end up creating a horrible fire and water damage combination. Ultimately, your property ends up severely damaged no matter the size of the fire and your first call should be made to the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Experts. Our technicians are waiting to assist you!

Once our technicians are at the scene of the damage, they will asses what kind of damage your property has taken, and what kind of chemicals have been used. Using this information, they will chose the correct treatment and restore your property.

Another issue that comes up alongside fire damage is smoke damage. There are multiple different types of smoke damage that each need to be treated differently;

  • Wet smoke residues result from smoldering fires with low heat. These residues are sticky, smeary and have pungent odors. Smoke webs from wet smoke can be difficult to clean.
  • Dry smoke residues result from fast burning fires at high temperatures. These residues are often dry, powdery and small with nonsmeary smoke particles.
  • Protein residues are virtually invisible and have an extremely pungent odor. These residues discolor paints and varnishes.
  • Fuel oil soot result from furnace puff backs that distribute fuel oil soot
Smoke tends to penetrate deep into the structure of your property, and the upholstery inside, causing hidden damage and odor.
We know that being a victim of fire/smoke damage is devastating, so we are here to help you. Give us a call at (800) 718-6498 and we will talk you through the process of having your property taken care of. We will work with you and your insurance to ensure that everything is back to the way it was for the lowest cost possible.
Our technicians are waiting to assist you here at Carpet Cleaning Experts.
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